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Find the Best Value Short Breaks for Under £100.00 Right Here

Short Breaks for Under £100

Short Breaks for Under £100

Offer of the day has to be a short break for under £100.00!

Short Breaks for Under £100There are loads of different choices for you to enjoy, throughout the UK so make sure you check out these special offers. You can enjoy accommodation that will sleep from 6-8 people all for just £99.00, this is unbelievable prices and means everyone can afford to take a short break away.

To check the offers visit our Deals and Offers Page – short breaks for under £100.00

Short Breaks for under £149.00Or if you have a little more to spend then you can check out the short breaks for under £149.00. Again there are a whole range of holiday parks throughout the UK that you can choose from and you may well find your perfect holiday park break. These holiday park breaks must be taken between February 23rd and April 3rd, so book now and hurry.

To check the offers visit our Deals and Offers Page – short breaks for under £149.00

Quiet Holiday Lodge Parks

Quiet Holiday Lodge Parks

It is surprising how many cheap holidays are around and the variety of places on offer. For a really inexpensive deal looking out for the short breaks for under £100 can yield a few pleasant surprises. They can range from a city break to a weekend camping on the coast and be great fun. Using the cheap deal as a base and then building other activities around it has the hallmark of a very special holiday.

Short breaks for under £100 can be found to a number of places including some real gems like the Isle of Wight. This is a favourite seaside resort with a number of lovely beaches to sunbathe on and swim from, and superb for families. On a short break there are lots of things to see and do. This includes a visit to Osborne House which was the residence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. The palace is furnished as it was in Victoria’s day and is a highlight of any visit. Attached to Osborne House is the Swiss Cottage which was built for the royal

Fun and Lively Holiday Parks

Fun and Lively Holiday Parks

children to play in. It is now a museum and also includes the bathing machine which was used to transport Queen Victoria for a swim in the sea.

Carisbrooke Castle is another famous attraction on the Isle of Wight and is where Charles I was held prisoner in 1647. One of the most iconic sights on the Isle of Wight are the Needles which are three rocky outcrops at the western end. Visitors to the Isle of Wight will see instantly that it is a sailing centre and whilst they are unlikely to find short breaks for under £100 during Cowes Week, taking sailing lessons here is very popular. The Isle of Wight has some excellent restaurants which are well worth trying and several specialise in seafood. Walking is very popular and there is an annual isle of Wight Walking festival which attract visitors. Keep looking for the bargain breaks because you never know where a bargain for under £100 might take you and you are likely to be pleasantly surprised.

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